Friday, 1 September 2017

Leiite Creative Writing

One sunny afternoon I called my friend Bill and I said to him “show we go to pt England reserve to have a pec neck” oh shore I will love to. Ok then I will peck you up . So off I went to Bill’s house I knocked on the door and then Bill came out “showed we walk there” said Bill oh yeah we showed walk let's go the first way. “ With if we found something that cost a lots of money or better will we are walking. As they were walking they heard something crapping up to them “sssssshhhhhh” said Bill can you hear that . . . . . . hear with, I can hear a door opening and closing they saw a big tree at the back of them the biggest in the forest so I looked around the tree but then Bill said “I can see a little door at the bottom of the tree” I dare you to open it “ok then I will” so he graped a rock and froy it to the door it opened and a little woman and a little man came out they were on fire and they smell burnt  “WE SURRENDER WE SURRENDER PLEASE DON’T HORT US” oh no we will not hort you just came with us were word you tack us “will take you two to my house” said Bill ween they got there the little people said “ we came from another planets called the sun” will can we help you two to go back to the sun. This only one way first you have to draw the sun on a black wall with a white marker and the throw milk and two stacks at it and then throw us in two it, but befor you do it do it first before more of us came and take over the place you call Earth so off they went to do it they did but then just one more came out so they did it again “hhhhh mmmmm is that all of them” I said to Bill so we went back to the big tree in the forest “can you see the tree” I said to Bill oh there it is we got to the tree we looked around it and there was no door you know with, with we were going to have a pec  nec so let's go so off went Bill and I to pt england reserve.

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