Thursday, 24 November 2016

👑Leiite Crazy Motat Adventures - Narrative

Have you been to Motat no then listen to this on a tuesday morning room 9 and 10 was going to Motat it was me Leonardy and his mum but suddenly Leonard's mum was gone and we looked everywhere and we can’t find Leonard's mum and we went to all of the house’s and we saw a girl and she had a knife or a sponge and me and Leonardy saw her blink and she run after as and we run and run but the girl run faster the girl jumped onto me and Leonardy but then Leonard's mum runnen and she jumped on the girl the girl run and she run and she did not came back so we all left to pt england school and we saw the girl but we said what is your name she said my name is Jeff hahahahahaha😂 Jeff is a girl I am a boy Jeff is a boy Jeff👑.           

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Leiite Athletics Day 2016

On a hot sun Friday morning the hole of Pt England School. We had Athletics day 2016 and it was fun.

The year 5 boy’s went to all of the events and played all of the games. The house teams names are hone moans Hokusai.

Tag a wall is a game when you just need a rope and same two teams and you need to say go and then the two teams need to go and peal and the winning teams the winning teams go into the semi finely the winning team is the best team free 2016.

My favorite part was the dodge ball because I hate people in the leg’s and they all fall down and I get their has and the ball flies a wage.