Thursday, 3 August 2017

Leiite Guardians of the Galaxy

One sunny day a man named Bill walked outside but then he looked and he can only see a lot of water bottles and paper bags. Then he got a phone call. Bill’s boss said “I need you to go and find a friend and come now.” "Ok" said Bill. So he got his friend named Lorenzo. Bill and Lorenzo went to Bill’s boss. “You and your friend have to go to the rocketship and find a new planet to live on. Make sure there is oxygen and water there” said Bill’s boss. So off they went they got to the rocketship and they count down 5,4,3,2,1 and off they go. "Good luck" said Bill’s boss. As the flew up in the sky they said “let's go to the moon NO not the moon let’s go to the sun NO the sun is too hot” hmmm “ let’s go to uranus” ok said Bill. They looked everywhere and then Lorenzo said “there's uranus” YES said Bill. They got to uranus it look’s blue and a bit green. “Did you know that uranus is 2,871 million km from the sun” said Bill no I don't know that said Lorenzo. But then suddenly a big rock came out of no where. WOW it is so big said Lorenzo it’s coming closer and closer and closer. GO fly away it is very close OW it hit us BOOM it explodes and all the parts of the rocket ship is flying everywhere. We’ll be here forever said Lorenzo “came on” said Lorenzo. My boss said Bill yes it is your boss’s fault that’s the reason why we are here No my boss is over there oh boss boss came and save as. “Ok but we're stall going to find another place that we can call home” said Bill’s boss. So off they went they got to uranus but there was no oxygen so they said “You need to look after Earth so we all can live”.