Monday, 5 February 2018

Letter to Mrs Stone

Kia ora my name is Leiite I am 11 but i am turning 12 this year I just turned a year 7. I am a student at Pt England School I am Samoan but I was born in NZ I have 6 brothers I am the second youngest out of all of them, I have no sisters in my family. I love playing a lots of sports the best sport to me it rugby. My favorites subject is reading I like using my chromebook when I lorn. I would like Mrs Stone to know that I love sports and that I would like to go out and play same. I like it when teachers comment on my blog because it makes me feel good inside me and that I would try to do even better on the next one. I like playing with my family, I play on my ps4 with my brothers, but I mostly play basketball with my older brothers and their friends.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Leiite,

    Well done for sharing your letter on your blog! I have learned heaps about you from reading this and other readers would too. Does your younger brother go to PES as well? It's great to hear that you like reading!