Monday, 5 September 2016

Leiite PES Olympics wheelbarrow race

On tuesday Room 9 had to go to the breeze  we had a wheelbarrow race the boys wate first and the girls go’s list    

On the race we all had to find a friend one of them had to go on the ground and put his legs up in the ere.The other friend had to stand up and grab the other friends legs.When Mr Bax sas go we all run like a wheelbarrow Mr Bax came 1st and I came 2st.    

Mr Bax was cheating because he was using a wheelbarrow and the boy’s and the girls had to use their arms and legs.

At the breeze the boys first and Mr bax had a wheelbarrow and had a cramer.

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  1. Hi leiite you used juicy words it was interesting by leone