Thursday, 6 December 2018

Leiite - Te Wa Toi

For the past last weeks for inquiry the year 7's have been making sculptures for very special people. I made my sculptures of an axe. It is made out of paper and it is for my dear friend Ash. It stands for how strong and weird he is but he is very funny and a good friend to me. I made it with paper and it is a pickaxe.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Leiite - How to be a good student

How to be a good student.

A good student is always doing their work, on the right things and does the right thing, listening to the teacher and putting your hand on your head when you ask a question, but mostly a good student always shows respect to the teacher or to their other classmates, when a classmate is stuck on something a student should always help them out or they should ask a teacher for help even if it’s a small thing they should still ask for help.  

A good student is the ones who go home and do there homework, they always learn their maths reading or writing, they can study for like a test or if they have a writing test they will practice doing a writing test they would have to go sleep early wake up early and have a good breakfast, they do it before they go on anything else if they want to go on anything else they have to at least finish one homework.

A good student would finish their work prove read it and post it on their blog, a good student always finishes their work and they get to have fun .  If you are finishing off your work then you are taking responsible for your learning. A good student is honest with yourself and others about what you have learned if you don't know the answer leave it, use it as a way to improve your learning of the subject.

In concussion being a good student is taking responsibility, help others, and finishing off your work. So try and be a good student everywhere so people will be responsible like you and think you are a role model.

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Leiite - Line dance

This term team five have been learning how to Move our Body. We had to learn a new skill we have never tried before. At the start of the term we learnt ballet and then we got the chance to learn a new skill so over the past 4 weeks we have been learning a new skill called "Line Dance", our whole class got split into little groups and had the chance to learn that new skill. At first it was hard to find a new skill so it was kind of stressful. But at the end we ended up all combining together as a class and doing one dance together there was only 1 group that performed something different. So our skill was a dance called Footloose.

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