Friday, 23 February 2018

Leiite How To Save Money

If you don’t save money you could get into debt or you might not be able to afford things like food. Don’t speed it all at one time, Put money on the bank, Don’t buy things that you don’t need and do some chores to earn money. Buy cheap stuff, you can have a job that will pay you back, Don’t buy games just play outside, you can have a garage sale or you can gave the stuff you don’t need to shops and they will pay you back. You can save money by stop buying stars drunks. You need to save money for food, power, clothes and all the thing that you need you need money to pay the rents. Don’t buy food your not going to eat, if you do buy food and you don’t eat it all gave it to the homeless or save it for tomorrow. Go to pakinsav instead of new world or go to the night markit. You can baby seat for money. You can have to jobs so you can get twice the money. Save money for important things Do good things so you can get money List the things that you will buy.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Letter to Mrs Stone

Kia ora my name is Leiite I am 11 but i am turning 12 this year I just turned a year 7. I am a student at Pt England School I am Samoan but I was born in NZ I have 6 brothers I am the second youngest out of all of them, I have no sisters in my family. I love playing a lots of sports the best sport to me it rugby. My favorites subject is reading I like using my chromebook when I lorn. I would like Mrs Stone to know that I love sports and that I would like to go out and play same. I like it when teachers comment on my blog because it makes me feel good inside me and that I would try to do even better on the next one. I like playing with my family, I play on my ps4 with my brothers, but I mostly play basketball with my older brothers and their friends.