Thursday, 28 February 2019

Leiite - The Story about Sally & Little Jimmy

Do you know the story about Sally and little Jimmy ?.

It was a normal night for Sally and her little cousin Jimmy. Sally's 14 and Little Jimmy's only 8 Sally likes to call little Jimmy because his the size of a 5 year old as you would say “short” the rain was dropping down the sky there was a storm “SUDDENLY!”. The power went out there was things falling from the table “EARTHQUAKE!” They both went under the table “wait… it’s not an earthquake you silly billy” said Sally “What! What is it then Sally you know better than me anyways” little Jimmy said “I don’t know what it is but it’s definitely not an earthquake” Sally said BOOM! “Did you hear that…” said little Jimmy “wait… shh… can you that?” said Sally. Little Jimmy looked over his head “ Sally stop touching me it’s getting annoying” said little Jimmy Sally said “you stop touching me it’s honestly annoying, okay JIMMY! STOP!” Sally turned around then suddenly she ran “STOP!” Screamed Jimmy “why is she running” said little Jimmy in his head he turned around then he run there for he saw something and he got scared. To be continued.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Leiite - Blog Comments

Leiite - About Me

Hi my name is Leiite. I am year 8 in Point England School 2019, I am twelve years of age turning 13, this year I am an house caption. The things I enjoy to do outside of school is to play games inside the house and out, I enjoy to play sports like rugby, basketball, netball, N.F.L and more. 2019 Is my last year at Point England I hope you all enjoy my blog posts Let’s make the most of it.