Saturday, 9 September 2017

A silly story

One cloudy day a man named Bill was walking to his friends house and knocked on the door knock knock “ who's there”  It me said Bill oh came on in. HI said Bill it been a long time. Yes it have been a long time said Lorenzo “Do you won’t a cup of tea and same toasted” said Lorenzo oh yes place said Bill. But will Bill and Lorenzo was talking all about the old days they did not know that the window opened and rain was pouring onto them but then Bill and Lorenzo heard a thunder and Bill said “It looks like you will have to stay the night”. Lorenzo run shat to the door the run outside. 2 Hours Later. The run had stopped and Bill heard a knock on his door and then “ Lorenzo what are you doing here” said Bill “you said that I can sleepover but I needed my toothbrush”.

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