Thursday, 31 May 2018

Leiite Review: Adventure For Good

Adventure For Good

They were four days that we would never forget. They were four days that saw our year eight school group learn, laugh and grow together as we took part in a variety of activities such as bush craft, visiting historical sites and kayaking. This fabulous experience would not have been possible had it not been for our hosts at Adventure for Good.

Adventure for Good is a leadership camp based in Russell, New Zealand. Some activities such as bushcraft are held on the campground, while other activities are located throughout the Bay of Islands. The facilitators at Adventure for Good guide their visitors through each activity and they are open to tailoring the trip to your specific needs.

The organisation is able to facilitate numerous activities including; sea kayaking, scuba diving, hiking, sailing (on one of their four vessels), bush craft and surfing. We were also provided with the opportunity to spend time at the Wait Treaty Grounds to learn more about culture and history. We learnt so much from this trip because of the variety of experiences, it was such a great choice for a school camp!angi

My favourite activities were the kayaking and sailing. Our kayaking guide Sarah chose a really beautiful beach for us to kayak on and we rowed around a few bays which were so stunning. We also had a good laugh doing some mini races and we played a game were we had to run across all of the Kayaks without falling in the water.

The sailing was very relaxing in comparison to the kayaking. We sat on large beanbags and sailed out around the Bay of Islands. A few of us also took turns to hoist the sail and helped out on board. This was a once in a lifetime experiences for a bunch of thirteen year olds from East Auckland! When we returned to camp after the sailing we also got to have a bonfire and toast marshmallows. This was great as it warmed us up from being on the seas and the marshmallows were delicious!

I would recommend this camp to any school group looking to mix history with adventure. The facilitators were all really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable so it was fantastic having them as our guides and teachers. The mix of activities meant that we students got to have a lot of fun and new experiences, while also learning about the Treaty of Waitangi and New Zealand History.  The only thing we would change would be to go in the summer so it would be warmer during our outdoor activities, but this was not the camps fault!

Overall I give this camp 5 stars. I hope I will get to return one day!

Who should read the review would it help? People that have never been to a camp.

What was the purpose of the review? It is about Adventure .

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