Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Leiite Year 6 Camp 2017

On Tuesday 21st November 2017 the year 6’s were going camp at kawau island, We had to go on a bus then go on the ferry and then we were there. When were got there we had to get the bags so after that we had a walk Peter and his wife Erin said that “the Dacks and the wallaby and the other animators because the food that we eat are bad for the animators. And then we went for a hike hopa had to tack a rock with him and had to put it on the to of the hill the hill was called killer hill and talk about how he wanted it to be like and then we started to go down. On day 2 we went for another hike up the hill again another then we got back and had breakfast there are a big table for the campers and a small table for the leaders I was one of the leaders and then we had free times and at night we played spotlight. On day 3 we did the same things in the morning but we did some activities and at night we played spotlight. I will Love to thanks Miss Moran for helping me and my camp group and for Miss Parrant for being the best teacher ever. The thing that I enjoyed most about camp was kayaking because I posed Miss Moran out of her kayak because I was standing on my kayak and grid to kayak will standing. The thing that I loaned there was how to sail, sailing was so fun and it was my first time sailing.

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