Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Leiite What's for Dinner

One Wednesday night I was sitting at home getting ready to have dinner it was me and my friends when there was a knock at the door. It was quite late and I was wondering who it could possibly be. I opened the door and to my surprise the judges from MRK Pete and Manu are on my doorstep. They tell me that I have to create a three course dinner for them and don’t have much time.So I race to the kitchen and got some food like butter chicken I thought to myself if it was samoa week I should make them some koko and some goby. For the koko you need samoa koko lemon lafes and a big pot. For the butter chicken you need chicken and some butter. For the goby you need flower malik and some water. At the end he said WHAT’S FOR DINNER the other two was so proud for their dinner their names was Leonardy and Dj. Dj was one he got a 79 out of 100. Leonardy was two he got a 88 out of 100. I was threed it was a good game but….. I got 89 out for 100 it was so a good game I won just by one points.

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