Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Leiite 2015 Animal Racing - Crazy Story

This is the story that happen in 2015

To day it is the 2015 animal race but not like the other animal race this time you can bruning any animal like a fox or like a dog or a pig but at 2014 animal race same one drag a roster that was so cool. It was a sunny day and there was a person name jeff he was fat he had a fat head and he had baby eyes and he was so little and fat and he had a pet and it was a dragon the dragon is red and white and he is very big and this boy name ash he has a pet name pikachu he is black and yellow and he can make thunder coming out of his tail.

The man said get your pet and GO the pet all ran and the dragon was tacking the led hospet is going to win jeff’s pet or ash’s pet oh no said jeff pikachu had got jeff’s dragon jeff dragon but then king kong came in and he jammed on pikachu pikachu filevery and the dragon but king kong run and run nonstop but the dragon eut king kong and pikachu so the dragon came 1st and there was no 2st or 3st but the dragon was out no one got the drave.

2015 drove og’s to no one hahahaha the dragon was sad and angry so the dragon eut every one and the drove was his hahahaha said the dragon oh man said jeff jez and ash.

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