Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Leiite Immersion Assembly

On Monday 16th of October  school holidays were finished so Pt England School student had Immersion Assembly so we had to go. When I walked in all I see was the teachers singing a song that Mr J made. The school theme is all about music so mostly all the other teams are look at music and how the music and make them feel they can be feeling scared when there is a scare music they can be felled a lot of things and that only team 1 team 2 are doing the same thing. Team 3 are telling stories through music. Term 4’s  topic is to make instruments just like guitars, drums and more and in a car you can make it fun and torn on the radio and sing. Team 5 are learning all about how music in movies invoke feelings I like the part when miss Tele’a said “oh no don’t let the baby go”. I like the term 4’s theme because we get to make instruments I will love to make a guitar because it look pretty easy so I can not whit to do that.

The theme is

Sunday, 8 October 2017

White Sunday

It is finally the HOLIDAYS!!! Me and my family won’t be doing much in the holidays, But I do know that we are go to do White Sunday, white sunday is when my chorch dose a play all about God. I am very excited and a bit nervous because you would have to perform on stage speaking in Samoa.

Me and my little siblings will be doing White Sunday this year. I would tell her where we would be going and she would say “ We are going to practice for White Sunday. Sometimes I don’t like going practices because you would have to do a play, learn your parts and learn the songs. It is a lot of hard work. Sometimes my mom would scold me for not saying the words properly.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

The last day of school

yesterday is the last day of school it was so sad to go and never came back antell two more weeks and I will be tilling you all about my day. I gave Mr Goodwin a big hag but I gave Miss Prrant a bigger hag. On the last day of school Room 7, 6 and 8 have been given ice cream it was so nice for the cleaners to give us them so thank you and Room 6, 7 and 8 have made a Class Challenge Room 8 won that Challenge and they got Pizza. I miss all of the teachers but one day you gotta let it go.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Leiite Problem Solving Practice Term 3 Wk 10

Leiite Free Writing

Today I reached my 5 million view on my YouTube video it is very exciting because I have been working so hard to reach my goal of 5 million but now I am at a new goal of 8 million thank you all so much for your support. And helping me threw all my battles that come my way and I was so happy when I got my golden play button I can not wait what comes next and I only started you tube one year ago I started gaming vlogs and more this is my dream and I love doing it. I know I said that if my last video had 3 million likes then I will do the flow is lave and the menace challenge all at the same time I’ll do that tomorrow and kids state out of trouble.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Leiite Team Four Star Dome Trip

On Thursday 4th of September Team was going to Star Dome. There was 2 groups the morning groups and the afternoon groups and I was in the afternoon group, There were 5 groups and 5 helpers, We were at school. We got there on a bus. We were with Mr Goodwin, Mr Goodwin’s Mum, Mr Goodwin’s step dad, Miss Parrant and Sam. All of the planets, solar system, stars, how big and small the planets are.The park was so cool there was a little house and a flying fox and inside of star dome there was planets made out of lego and then we went into the dome Mr Goodwin’s step dad said to me ”Do you know why they call it star dome?” and I said “No why?” and he said “We are in a dome and they are going to show stars on the dome.” There was a cool shop there I saw a alien. I learned that there was rocky planets and dwfs plant and midget plant and Mars is Earth’s closest neighbour. We can often see it in the sky without binoculars or a telescope. Earth is the 3rd rock from the sun and you have only ever seen one side of the moon, the moon isn’t made of cheese the surface of the moon is made of rock, a bit like that found on earth basalt anorthosites and breccias. Mars is approximately 228 million km from the sun and has a diameter of about 6,800 km. Light from the sun takes more than 8 minutes to reach earth 40 minutes to reach jupiter and 17 hours to get to the edge of the solar system the sun’s core is about 15,700,000 degrees celsius. The sun has 99% of the total mass of the solar system. Planets are the stuff leftover from making the sun, no one in the hole world have ever been farrer than Mars. Jupiter is approximately 778 million km from the sun Jupiter has at least 63 moons. When Venus is visible is the night sky the only abject brighter in the sky is the moon. One year on Mercury is only 88 Earth days long. Neptune is the planet furthest from the sun it’s a remote 4,497 million km away Saturn is a gas giant just like Jupiter. Uranus is 2,871 million km from the sun, You can’t see Neptune with the naked eye so it was discovered after the moons of Jupiter which are very small but closer. On 20 july 1969 Neil Armstrong made history by walking onto the moon he was the first person to do that and Earth is the only planet not named after a God. So I learned a lot of things that day and you should go star dome one day and look at all the cool stuff.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

My UFO aliens

A silly story

One cloudy day a man named Bill was walking to his friends house and knocked on the door knock knock “ who's there”  It me said Bill oh came on in. HI said Bill it been a long time. Yes it have been a long time said Lorenzo “Do you won’t a cup of tea and same toasted” said Lorenzo oh yes place said Bill. But will Bill and Lorenzo was talking all about the old days they did not know that the window opened and rain was pouring onto them but then Bill and Lorenzo heard a thunder and Bill said “It looks like you will have to stay the night”. Lorenzo run shat to the door the run outside. 2 Hours Later. The run had stopped and Bill heard a knock on his door and then “ Lorenzo what are you doing here” said Bill “you said that I can sleepover but I needed my toothbrush”.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Leiite Cross Country Recount

One hot afternoon on friday last week Pt England School had Cross country, The year one’s girls were going first, arther them were the year one's doys were running, and then it goes on and on from the girls to the boys if you came to the top 5 in Cross Country you team gets points. There's a Yellow team, a Red team, a Green team, and last but not least the best team Blue. When it was the year 6 boys toren to run Mr Bort said "on your mack set GO"
I run as first as I cod as I was running it helps me by saying pamp you legs pamo them pamp them it  makes me go first and first as I was running I looked at the side of me and there was no one to be seen and I just said run Leiite run run run as I got to the first corner it was easy but then when I got to the second corner I almost fill and only one person was in front of me as we got out of the gats there was a lots of mud mud mud everywhere it was so hard to run there the mud because it I got sucked into the mud and I had to posh my leg out of the mud.

It got hot and sore when I got halfway and then only four boys was in front of me. As I look at the back of me I could see two boys at the back of me so I run and run but as I was running I slipped and then one person went in front of me and he was only three steps away so I run and run as I could and then I got up to him.

Then I was the one who was in front. Then I zoomed into the school gates onto the fields and then onto the park and I almost beat one person but unfortunately I did not beat him but unless I came fifth in Cross Country. The person who came 1st his name is Kurtas, the person who came 2nd his name is Jhyvarntreh (Terry), the person who came 3th his name is Dean, the person who came 4th his name is Leonardy and then I came 5th. So Kurtas is in Yellow, Jhyvarntreh (Terry) is in Yellow Dean is in Yellow, Leonardy is in Blue and I am in Blue to so that is 15 points to Yellow and 10 points goes to Blue so I hope you all had fun reading my Cross Country writing.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Leiite Creative Writing

One sunny afternoon I called my friend Bill and I said to him “show we go to pt England reserve to have a pec neck” oh shore I will love to. Ok then I will peck you up . So off I went to Bill’s house I knocked on the door and then Bill came out “showed we walk there” said Bill oh yeah we showed walk let's go the first way. “ With if we found something that cost a lots of money or better will we are walking. As they were walking they heard something crapping up to them “sssssshhhhhh” said Bill can you hear that . . . . . . hear with, I can hear a door opening and closing they saw a big tree at the back of them the biggest in the forest so I looked around the tree but then Bill said “I can see a little door at the bottom of the tree” I dare you to open it “ok then I will” so he graped a rock and froy it to the door it opened and a little woman and a little man came out they were on fire and they smell burnt  “WE SURRENDER WE SURRENDER PLEASE DON’T HORT US” oh no we will not hort you just came with us were word you tack us “will take you two to my house” said Bill ween they got there the little people said “ we came from another planets called the sun” will can we help you two to go back to the sun. This only one way first you have to draw the sun on a black wall with a white marker and the throw milk and two stacks at it and then throw us in two it, but befor you do it do it first before more of us came and take over the place you call Earth so off they went to do it they did but then just one more came out so they did it again “hhhhh mmmmm is that all of them” I said to Bill so we went back to the big tree in the forest “can you see the tree” I said to Bill oh there it is we got to the tree we looked around it and there was no door you know with, with we were going to have a pec  nec so let's go so off went Bill and I to pt england reserve.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Leiite Guardians of the Galaxy

One sunny day a man named Bill walked outside but then he looked and he can only see a lot of water bottles and paper bags. Then he got a phone call. Bill’s boss said “I need you to go and find a friend and come now.” "Ok" said Bill. So he got his friend named Lorenzo. Bill and Lorenzo went to Bill’s boss. “You and your friend have to go to the rocketship and find a new planet to live on. Make sure there is oxygen and water there” said Bill’s boss. So off they went they got to the rocketship and they count down 5,4,3,2,1 and off they go. "Good luck" said Bill’s boss. As the flew up in the sky they said “let's go to the moon NO not the moon let’s go to the sun NO the sun is too hot” hmmm “ let’s go to uranus” ok said Bill. They looked everywhere and then Lorenzo said “there's uranus” YES said Bill. They got to uranus it look’s blue and a bit green. “Did you know that uranus is 2,871 million km from the sun” said Bill no I don't know that said Lorenzo. But then suddenly a big rock came out of no where. WOW it is so big said Lorenzo it’s coming closer and closer and closer. GO fly away it is very close OW it hit us BOOM it explodes and all the parts of the rocket ship is flying everywhere. We’ll be here forever said Lorenzo “came on” said Lorenzo. My boss said Bill yes it is your boss’s fault that’s the reason why we are here No my boss is over there oh boss boss came and save as. “Ok but we're stall going to find another place that we can call home” said Bill’s boss. So off they went they got to uranus but there was no oxygen so they said “You need to look after Earth so we all can live”.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Leiite Pacmans Problem Solving Practice wk 7 Term 2

Leiite WK8 Pacman - Problem Solving

Leiite Can He Save Her?

One summer day in NYC a girl was going to the highest bonding in NY. She just arrived there was a huge crow. Everyone hord a boom. Half of the bonding was on fire she was going to fall but then. A superhero named Leonardy was going to save her but then Tupuia the villain flow bay and grabbed Leonardy. Tupuia had a fight with Leonardy. Leonardy won and got the girl. which made Tupuia angry. Tupuia stole Leonardy’s mum and chucked her in the creek. He was going to drop her into the ocean but Leonardy come just in time and saved her as she was falling. They were flying a way wane Tupuia was on the ground  Tupuia was so angry at Leonardy.

5 Years later.

At the harbour bridge Tupuia was still angry at Leonardy. Tupuia was walking down the harbour bridge and made a car almost fall but Leonardy came and was so close to saving her. Leonardy saved the woman but she said my son is stal in the car go and save hem to place Leonardy place Leonardy. So then Leonardy got to the car the boy said I am scared of highs so Leonardy gave his mask to the boy so the boy can not see. Leonardy got the boy onto the highest bonding Leonardy got his mask back on just before the woman see his face. She was so happy that Leonardy save her son. Tupuia was super angry at Leonardy. So Tupuia had aider he said I should still Leonardy’s girlfriend. So that night Tupuia was walking down the road and coode see Leonardy’s girlfriend and grab her everyone around her was shouting Leonardy Leonardy ware a you. Out of nowhere Leonardy kame and grab his girlfriend and grow her up into the eray and grad Tupuia and drag hem into a kge he flow back and grab his girlfriend and sfle pat her down and everyone was safe for know.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Leiite Dream Jet

       About my Dream jet.
           In my dream jet it has a pool on it.
          And it has are KFC place on it.
          And on my jet it has too laser tag.

          Finally`i will have a movie night place.

      Image result for private jets

Leiite Skittles Maths

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Leiite home

Leiite What's for Dinner

One Wednesday night I was sitting at home getting ready to have dinner it was me and my friends when there was a knock at the door. It was quite late and I was wondering who it could possibly be. I opened the door and to my surprise the judges from MRK Pete and Manu are on my doorstep. They tell me that I have to create a three course dinner for them and don’t have much time.So I race to the kitchen and got some food like butter chicken I thought to myself if it was samoa week I should make them some koko and some goby. For the koko you need samoa koko lemon lafes and a big pot. For the butter chicken you need chicken and some butter. For the goby you need flower malik and some water. At the end he said WHAT’S FOR DINNER the other two was so proud for their dinner their names was Leonardy and Dj. Dj was one he got a 79 out of 100. Leonardy was two he got a 88 out of 100. I was threed it was a good game but….. I got 89 out for 100 it was so a good game I won just by one points.


Leiite Pacmans Problem Solving Practice Term 2 Wk 5

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Leiite Swimming Lessons Recount

Do you enjoy swimming I enjoy swimming today room 8 literacy is looking at swimming lessons the past 3 week year 5 and 6 have been going to the GI pools. Swimming lessons are important. I got into my togs at school, we had to line up outside, We was walking to the GI pools, We want to have a shower, There was three gropes wane we all got in our gropes we had to go in the pool savile. In order to swim you need to have a group or a lifeguard to keep you safe. Make sure they can see you and you can see them. On the scene too last swimming lessons the lifeguard was going through the row she was saying three to three I and two other boys me and one of the boys came a ty everyone how came a Ty or first had to go to the big pool we all had to do three laps all of the boys made it and half of the girls made it to at the end of the swimming lessons we had to write your name on the list for the best swimmers.          

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Leiite Problem Solving Practice Term 2 Wk 4

Leiite Raupo

Monday, 15 May 2017

Leiite Goldilocks and the Three Bears - My Spin

download.jpegOnce upon a time there was three bears there was a dad bear, a mom bear and a baby bear the dad bear name was Tupao the mom bear name was Leiite and the baby bear name was Jez they lived in  a small house in the forest. There was a boy named Leonardy he was a big and fat boy one day his dad was saying you have to go for a work in the forest at 1:00pm but don't go too far. The three bears had the same idea Leonardy was working and saw a house and looked in side no one was in there so he was working into the house there was some chocolate and so Leonardy  eat them all he was so fat so Leonardy want to the other room there was three beds and he drag the 2 big beds and had the small bad he got on and it was too small so he wanted to drag the last bed he hrod the three bears coming in the house  so he was running and running all the way to his house and so from that day on Leonardy never worked into that house Leonardy looked at the time 5:30 pm he never want off                                                                            to the forest again.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Leiite Immersion Assembly - Now that's thininkg!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 12.22.55 PM.png
HI today we are going to be learning how a phone has changed over the past and everything ousThis term our whole school is learning about Now that’s thinking? which is all about technology. Team 1 2 3 is all learning about kites. Team 4 are learning all about Maori
technology and team 5 are learning about  how we can keep Pt England school
clean.Our topic this term is Now That’s Thinking team . We will be learning how thing changes over the year like  cars, shoes, house, buyout and phones.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Leiite Plastic Bags Facts

Leiite Marshmallow Challenge

On a cold watered day room 8 reading and writing group had a marshmallow challenge we all had to in  3 or 4 people in a group.

We all had 225 pieces of spaghetti,91 cm of tape,1 marshmallow,20 minutes. Mis parrant said go and Lorenzo jez and me my group.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Leiite Year 5/6 Camp

The last day was the best day because we all got to go to the pool for the whole day there was a lade, a bombing pool and a water park the bombing pool was so deep it was deep for big people if you want to go in you need to know how to swam. For morning tea we got to have a surge and a pizza bread.

Year 5 and 6 camp was made 27 year ago it is on the school filled.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Leiite Why trees are important

Room eight are learning about the environment. At Pt England school we are learning about Te Tao o Tamika for term 1. We all need to look after the trees because they provide us with food like apples and bananas and also provide us with oxygen to breathe.

We destroyed 80% of the trees each year in the forest so we all lose oxygen and lose a whole lots of food we need to plant more trees and if we do we will have lots of oxygen and food.

Trees are important because they can give us oxygen and food if there was no trees there would be no oxygen and food like apple,and banana.

Same time it is good to cut down trees for people to write and read on so we all can learn and have many so we all can have a lots of food and paper.  

This paragraph will be looking ahead and what will happen if we don’t change what we are doing with how we protect our trees.

Same people plant trees so we all can live and have a lots of oxygen so we all should save all of the trees or we would die.

Here you will need to conclude what you have been writing about in the earlier paragraphs. No new information should be added here you will need to summarise what you have been discussing here.