Wednesday, 15 June 2016

`Leiite yum yum

On monday morning in side room 9 were a box on the table but on the wall it said Do Not Touch but that was wan I now wrote was going on.
JPEG Image

Photo - what you saw in class.
Paragraph 2    
What did you do?                  
Only 2 sentences:
I got blindfolded faded i was sad because I did not know wote was going on I was sacking.     
JPEG Image
Photo - what you had to do.

Paragraph 3    
How did it taste?                  
Only 2 sentences:
It taste like stuffed teddy bear like green apple but it was soft a soft green apple.  
JPEG Image
Photo - tasting the food.

Paragraph 4    
Conclusion: What was your highlight?                 
Only 1 sentences:
My highlight was the free food and got to eat.JPEG Image
Photo - you choose.