Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Leiite Immersion Assembly

On Monday 16th of October  school holidays were finished so Pt England School student had Immersion Assembly so we had to go. When I walked in all I see was the teachers singing a song that Mr J made. The school theme is all about music so mostly all the other teams are look at music and how the music and make them feel they can be feeling scared when there is a scare music they can be felled a lot of things and that only team 1 team 2 are doing the same thing. Team 3 are telling stories through music. Term 4’s  topic is to make instruments just like guitars, drums and more and in a car you can make it fun and torn on the radio and sing. Team 5 are learning all about how music in movies invoke feelings I like the part when miss Tele’a said “oh no don’t let the baby go”. I like the term 4’s theme because we get to make instruments I will love to make a guitar because it look pretty easy so I can not whit to do that.

The theme is