Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Leiite Pacmans Problem Solving Practice wk 7 Term 2

Leiite WK8 Pacman - Problem Solving

Leiite Can He Save Her?

One summer day in NYC a girl was going to the highest bonding in NY. She just arrived there was a huge crow. Everyone hord a boom. Half of the bonding was on fire she was going to fall but then. A superhero named Leonardy was going to save her but then Tupuia the villain flow bay and grabbed Leonardy. Tupuia had a fight with Leonardy. Leonardy won and got the girl. which made Tupuia angry. Tupuia stole Leonardy’s mum and chucked her in the creek. He was going to drop her into the ocean but Leonardy come just in time and saved her as she was falling. They were flying a way wane Tupuia was on the ground  Tupuia was so angry at Leonardy.

5 Years later.

At the harbour bridge Tupuia was still angry at Leonardy. Tupuia was walking down the harbour bridge and made a car almost fall but Leonardy came and was so close to saving her. Leonardy saved the woman but she said my son is stal in the car go and save hem to place Leonardy place Leonardy. So then Leonardy got to the car the boy said I am scared of highs so Leonardy gave his mask to the boy so the boy can not see. Leonardy got the boy onto the highest bonding Leonardy got his mask back on just before the woman see his face. She was so happy that Leonardy save her son. Tupuia was super angry at Leonardy. So Tupuia had aider he said I should still Leonardy’s girlfriend. So that night Tupuia was walking down the road and coode see Leonardy’s girlfriend and grab her everyone around her was shouting Leonardy Leonardy ware a you. Out of nowhere Leonardy kame and grab his girlfriend and grow her up into the eray and grad Tupuia and drag hem into a kge he flow back and grab his girlfriend and sfle pat her down and everyone was safe for know.

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Leiite Dream Jet

       About my Dream jet.
           In my dream jet it has a pool on it.
          And it has are KFC place on it.
          And on my jet it has too laser tag.

          Finally`i will have a movie night place.

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Leiite Skittles Maths

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Leiite home

Leiite What's for Dinner

One Wednesday night I was sitting at home getting ready to have dinner it was me and my friends when there was a knock at the door. It was quite late and I was wondering who it could possibly be. I opened the door and to my surprise the judges from MRK Pete and Manu are on my doorstep. They tell me that I have to create a three course dinner for them and don’t have much time.So I race to the kitchen and got some food like butter chicken I thought to myself if it was samoa week I should make them some koko and some goby. For the koko you need samoa koko lemon lafes and a big pot. For the butter chicken you need chicken and some butter. For the goby you need flower malik and some water. At the end he said WHAT’S FOR DINNER the other two was so proud for their dinner their names was Leonardy and Dj. Dj was one he got a 79 out of 100. Leonardy was two he got a 88 out of 100. I was threed it was a good game but….. I got 89 out for 100 it was so a good game I won just by one points.


Leiite Pacmans Problem Solving Practice Term 2 Wk 5