Friday, 27 October 2017

Leiite Harmonica

Leiite Television

1. When did color TVs come out?
a. 1925
b. 1953
c. 1939
d. 1965

2. Which was not true about the first TV?
a. It could only show one color
b. It only had 30 lines
c. It did not have sound
d. It did not work well

3. When did networks start showing programs in color?
a. 1948
b. 1953
c. 1965
d. 1939

4. Why did the first TV station only show Felix the Cat for two hours a day?
a. They were running tests.
b. Felix the Cat was really popular.
c. Felix the Cat had been a big radio star.
d. Felix the Cat was the only show that they had.

5. Which of these events slowed the spread of TVs?
a. The World's Fair of 1939
b. The Civil War
c. The election of the U.S. President.
d. World War II

6. What is the author's main purpose in writing this?
a. He is trying to explain how a TV works.
b. He is telling readers how TVs became popular.
c. He is describing the history of the TV.
d. He is trying to get people to watch more TV.

7. Why did many families switch to color TVs in 1965?
a. Color TVs cost a lot of money.
b. Many shows were only shown in color.
c. Color TVs came out in 1965.
d. World War II ended and troops returned home.

8. Why was 1939 an important year for TV?
a. Many Americans were introduced to TV.
b. The first color TV was released.
c. The first TV station began broadcasting.
d. John Baird created the first TV.

9. How many lines does a 4K TV have?
a. 30
b. 1,080
c. 4,000
d. 3,840

10. Which happened first?
a. The 1939 World's Fair
b. The release of high-def TVs
c. The end of World War II
d. The release of color TVs

11. Why would watching TV have been boring in 1928?
It only had one color.

12. Why did the 5 inch black-and-white TVs at the World's Fair impress people?
Because  The U.S. President gave a speech over the TVs. The TVs were only five inches big but the people loved it.

13. Why would it have been a bad idea to buy a color TV when they first were released?Because it didn’t work well so that’s why

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Leiite Pen Pipes

On october the 25th of wednesday room 8 literacy had to make some pan pipes. We were pretty lucky to have Miss Moran she held everyone in the class and we have Miss Parrant.
First we watched a video with the whole class and then we went to a table that table that I was on with Leonardy, Tupuia, Lorenzo, Kruz and me. So we all went of and did it step by step. First we watched a video about how to make a panpipe you just need 5 things. First you need 8 straws and cut the bendy part off. Then you make one of the ends sharp. You make a cardboard and it should look like a house that just got half and then you make the straws smallest to biggest. Then you put it onto the cardboard but make sure there is some space between it and then you tape it with stacked tape and then you just blow and then you write you name at the back. The thing that I enjoy we at the end we got to play with it. It sounds pretty cool. The thing that I learn was how to make it and now I think that I can make anything now.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Leiite Immersion Assembly

On Monday 16th of October  school holidays were finished so Pt England School student had Immersion Assembly so we had to go. When I walked in all I see was the teachers singing a song that Mr J made. The school theme is all about music so mostly all the other teams are look at music and how the music and make them feel they can be feeling scared when there is a scare music they can be felled a lot of things and that only team 1 team 2 are doing the same thing. Team 3 are telling stories through music. Term 4’s  topic is to make instruments just like guitars, drums and more and in a car you can make it fun and torn on the radio and sing. Team 5 are learning all about how music in movies invoke feelings I like the part when miss Tele’a said “oh no don’t let the baby go”. I like the term 4’s theme because we get to make instruments I will love to make a guitar because it look pretty easy so I can not whit to do that.

The theme is

Sunday, 8 October 2017

White Sunday

It is finally the HOLIDAYS!!! Me and my family won’t be doing much in the holidays, But I do know that we are go to do White Sunday, white sunday is when my chorch dose a play all about God. I am very excited and a bit nervous because you would have to perform on stage speaking in Samoa.

Me and my little siblings will be doing White Sunday this year. I would tell her where we would be going and she would say “ We are going to practice for White Sunday. Sometimes I don’t like going practices because you would have to do a play, learn your parts and learn the songs. It is a lot of hard work. Sometimes my mom would scold me for not saying the words properly.