Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Leiite Swimming Lessons Recount

Do you enjoy swimming I enjoy swimming today room 8 literacy is looking at swimming lessons the past 3 week year 5 and 6 have been going to the GI pools. Swimming lessons are important. I got into my togs at school, we had to line up outside, We was walking to the GI pools, We want to have a shower, There was three gropes wane we all got in our gropes we had to go in the pool savile. In order to swim you need to have a group or a lifeguard to keep you safe. Make sure they can see you and you can see them. On the scene too last swimming lessons the lifeguard was going through the row she was saying three to three I and two other boys me and one of the boys came a ty everyone how came a Ty or first had to go to the big pool we all had to do three laps all of the boys made it and half of the girls made it to at the end of the swimming lessons we had to write your name on the list for the best swimmers.          

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Leiite Problem Solving Practice Term 2 Wk 4

Leiite Raupo

Monday, 15 May 2017

Leiite Goldilocks and the Three Bears - My Spin

download.jpegOnce upon a time there was three bears there was a dad bear, a mom bear and a baby bear the dad bear name was Tupao the mom bear name was Leiite and the baby bear name was Jez they lived in  a small house in the forest. There was a boy named Leonardy he was a big and fat boy one day his dad was saying you have to go for a work in the forest at 1:00pm but don't go too far. The three bears had the same idea Leonardy was working and saw a house and looked in side no one was in there so he was working into the house there was some chocolate and so Leonardy  eat them all he was so fat so Leonardy want to the other room there was three beds and he drag the 2 big beds and had the small bad he got on and it was too small so he wanted to drag the last bed he hrod the three bears coming in the house  so he was running and running all the way to his house and so from that day on Leonardy never worked into that house Leonardy looked at the time 5:30 pm he never want off                                                                            to the forest again.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Leiite Immersion Assembly - Now that's thininkg!

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HI today we are going to be learning how a phone has changed over the past and everything ousThis term our whole school is learning about Now that’s thinking? which is all about technology. Team 1 2 3 is all learning about kites. Team 4 are learning all about Maori
technology and team 5 are learning about  how we can keep Pt England school
clean.Our topic this term is Now That’s Thinking team . We will be learning how thing changes over the year like  cars, shoes, house, buyout and phones.